When I meet with a client during our first session, one thing I always ask is this, “If someone came up to you tomorrow and told you they were going on vacation, what would you ask them?” Invariably they respond with, “Where are you going?”

I always followup with the fact that very few people who they ask that to rarely respond by saying, “I don’t know. We’re just going on vacation.” They usually have a destination in mind. Once you have a destination in mind, a lot of details and questions start to come up: are we going to drive, or fly; how long will we be gone; what will we do when we get there? But it all starts with having a destination. Having the destination doesn’t necessarily meanĀ  all the details will fall easily into place.

In a sense, life coaching works with the same premise. We all have a variety of “destinations” in mind in our life. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding which “destination” or “trip” we want to take: change our career, change a relationship, return to school, or get rid of a habit that isn’t useful any longer. Just like the vacationer, once we have the “destination” in mind, the details and questions that come up can get in the way of us reaching our “destination.”

Coaching can assist you with getting a clearer picture of what you’d like your destination to look like. Coaching helps with answering some of the questions and figuring out the details along the way so that you don’t get sidetracked from staying on course. Coaching helps with identifying and make sure that you have the right “tools” and “equipment” needed to make sure that you will enjoy the destination you have chosen for yourself once you get there.

So, if you’ve had those thoughts of making a change in your life, but not sure exactly where you want to go or how to get there, let us help you get a clear destination in mind and provide the support needed to get there.