Our Mission Statement

We are an independent firm offering counseling services from our location in Northwest Iowa. Our services provide individuals of all ages the time, space and comfort that enables them to share and explore their stories. Providing guidance through this exploration allows individuals to discover new ideas, resolutions and strategies so they may enjoy personal victories and growth. We are committed to delivering our service with focus, care, respect, passion and support.


Our Staff:

“For me, it’s about seeing our clients achieve personal victories.”

Gary_7294WGary Zeutenhorst, ACSW, LISW, is a state of Iowa licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years of experience providing individual psychotherapy. He is also a trained hypnotherapist.

“We are a fairly small organization that believes in treating our clients with a great amount of respect. We work hard to make sure our office provides a comfortable place for those who come here. It really is a chance to explore their stories and to help find the tools that will make them more successful and able to enjoy life.

“Clients can create balance in their lives which reduces stress and gives them more energy. They are able to become more productive in their personal and professional lives. They find motivation to do the things they enjoy while making better choices. Hypnotherapy can jump-start the consciousness and provide the awareness to live a healthier life, whether that means relaxation techniques, weight control, stopping smoking.”

Gary has special interest and training in treatment of eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress management, Christian counseling, coaching, job/work related stressors, child/adolescent issues and other mental health concerns.



“Everyone has the answer inside themselves. Sometimes they just need help in finding it.”

Rhonda_7277WRhonda Jager-Pippy, LISW, is a state of Iowa licensed clinical social worker with over 25 years of experience working with children, adults, couples and families.

“I believe this is a place that supports people in their personal growth so they feel more capable of dealing with day-to-day issues,” said Rhonda. “Each of us becomes invested in our clients. We are passionate about what we do. I honor and respect those I see, because of their bravery. It is not always easy to take the first step.

“Clients can learn to manage their stress, resolve conflicts. They learn to access their own wisdom and can become more successful in all aspects of their life. Personal relationships become more effective and positive. Clients can discover their underlying beliefs, feelings and responses which gives them an understanding of their behaviors. ”

Rhonda has special interest and training in individual, marital and family therapy, Christian counseling, anxiety, depression, grief and loss issues, working with children and adolescents and parenting concerns.



“I have been blessed. I want to pay back and give to others. People are important.”

Terry_7284WTerry Huisman, LMHC, is a state of Iowa licensed clinical mental health counselor credentialed in school and mental health counseling.

“Sometimes it’s nice to have someone walking alongside,” said Terry. “That’s what therapy is. I have an entire collection of quotes from clients because it is amazing the insight people have. For me, it’s all about the relationship. People are intimidated about neuro biofeedback, but it is non-invasive. The brain is designed for efficiency but stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma can make it inefficient. Neuro biofeedback simply rewrites it.

“Clients can learn new skills with an ability to focus and have attention. There can be calm where there was chaos.”

Terry has over 8 years of experience assisting people in dealing with grief, trauma, interpersonal relationship issues, job and financial issues, anxiety, depression, other mental health concerns and Christian counseling. Terry has experience in using neuro biofeedback for ADHD, autism symptoms, and other mental health issues. Terry is trained in Lifespan Integration Therapy.



“I do it for the kids. They can be successful when given an environment to grow.”

Rachel_7272WRachel Wassenaar, LISW, is a state of Iowa licensed clinical social worker with 10 years of experience in social work. Rachel has worked in a hospital on a mental health unit with children and adults, volunteered at a domestic abuse shelter, been a first responder to sexual assaults, worked with children with intellectual disabilities, and has been doing therapy for the past 4 years.

“I love being someone people can share anything with, especially in difficult times,” said Rachel. “I see it as an art because everyone is different. I work a lot with parents and their children and sometimes it’s about providing the tools for parenting. I am invested with my clients and try to give them something to go towards.

“Children can gain more confidence and do better in school, along with gaining improved social skills and stronger relationships. And, for both the parents and children, they can learn how to enjoy being together.”

Rachel’s therapeutic approach is a non- judgmental, family centered approach. She is trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and Lifespan Integration.


Stacey DeJager, Office manager, will answer any questions you might have and assist you in scheduling an appointment with one of our counseling staff.